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Whether you are an Architect or Interior Designer, elevate your design process by freeing up precious time and resources to focus on the growth of your business while utilising our All-in-One offering of seamless concept development, comprehensive product sourcing and streamlined project administration.

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TSL Materials Library™

Enjoy unlimited access to the comprehensive and curated TSL Materials Library™ for your design concept development and product sourcing needs.

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Informal work spaces

Inspire your own creativity and elevate your client interactions by embracing our beautiful showroom space for informal working and client meetings.

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Boardroom facilities

Enhance your client presentations by making use of our fully equipped executive boardroom, designed to help you make a professional impact and lasting impression (by appointment).

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Design & Procurement specialists

Collaborate with our skilled design and procurement specialists. Leverage our team’s extensive product knowledge and design experience to bring your concepts to life.

Become a Collaboration Partner

Simplify your professional design journey by becoming a collaboration partner today and get full access to all the benefits of our collaborative design showroom.